Hello!! Exchange Tokyo Akasaka


Hello!! Exchange Tokyo Akasaka

Echigoya Bldg 1F 3-15-1 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN

東京都港区赤坂3-15-1 越後屋ビル1F

Closed on Sunday
Monday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
Tuesday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
Wednesday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
Thursday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
Friday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30
Saturday 9: 30 ~ 21: 30

It is open from 9:30 earlier than other stores. It is closing at 21 o’clock than other stores.
If it is hotel in Akasaka, we will exchange foreign currency for delivery.

Currency Exchange


Travelers who love to go overseas can’t ignore each country’s exchange rate. However, regardless of the country, when you exchange money at an airport or bank you have to pay a fixed high rate handling charge. It feels like there is no way to get rid of those charges… For that reason, HELLO EXCHANGE AKASAKA provides a currency exchange service at a lower rate than anywhere else, utilizing our unique foreign exchange technology. With cheap exchange handling charges you can fully enjoy Japan with the money you save!!!


Hello!! Exchange Akasaka OPEN!!

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Hello!! Exchange Akasaka OPEN!! Currency Exchange in Tokyo Akasaka enjoy Japan